Outdoor Classroom

March 2018

In the Nest we have been learning about weather, we have dressed our scarecrows in suitable clothes


We found a muddy puddle made by the rain,

We’ve been using the tools to make our own rain sticks.


We have put our knowledge of the weather to discussing the seasons and looking at how the Oak trees in our grounds grew, from acorn to a tree that’s 20 years old.

Some classes looked for weather symbols and found there was always one missing!


We’ve had some planting sessions, from small things like basil and mint, to things that will grow tall- we have been very lucky to have had 60 trees donated by the Woodland Trust, Oak and Redwood classes have been very busy planting them in.




We had a ‘2 week’ Green day at the Nest, learning about what rubbish could be recycled and ways in which we could cut down on it. Each class looked at sorting rubbish, some classes took part in a rubbish pick around the school. We became detectives and tried to work out where the rubbish came from, lots of paper and plastics were found. Our school grounds look much cleaner and all the children have said they need to put their rubbish in the bin.






And then we had the snow…. lots of fun and snowballs.



We made extra bird feeders and put them out to help our feathered friends.

A  BIG thank you to Beaver Tool Hire for their lovely donation of a much needed wheelbarrow.

January 2018

Welcome back, although the cold weather is now definitely with us, there is still some great activities to do at the Nest. Waterproofs and wellies on standby.

This half term we will be looking at the weather and seasons, working out which clothes to dress our ‘sunny, cloudy and rainy’ scarecrows in. How the weather affects the ‘bug’ population. We will also be looking at what effect the seasons have on the different climates of the world and how different animals adapt to them.

We will be discovering fossils and bones, what type of soil hides them best? Are there any hidden in the Nest grounds? How did they get there? What were they?

We’ll be playing with mud- footprints or handprints-which lasts longer? (Which is more fun to make?) Apologies in advance for any dirty clothes.

October 2017

In the Nest Redwood, Ash and Chestnut class have been discovering ‘forces’. They’ve learnt about wind resistance and how gravity sucks with the help of a Stomp rocket.


They’ve made paper boats to blow and race on the water.


We’ve also been thinking about the wildlife in our school grounds. Some children have been on a bug hunt to see what we could find. Others have helped our frogs for winter, by building a ‘hibernaculum’




We’ve looked at shadows and how we can make them.


We were lucky enough to have some giant mushrooms growing on our field when we made our Andy Goldsworthy pictures – we weren’t allowed to touch them though until we had asked the grown up!


We’ve been on a Listening walk, using tents to enhance our hearing.



We’ve done lots, with lots more still to do.