Activity and Attainment


January 2018

It is becoming clear that there is a strong association between being physically active, and achieving well in school. Physical health leads to better attention, emotional health and wellbeing. As a result of this, at Heathfield we are keen to further enhance the opportunities for P.E. and Games throughout the School, and broaden the range of outdoor adventurous activities for all of the children that would benefit from the experience.

We are not far into the Spring Term, but already Groups of children have been to Woodmill Outdoor Centre for the challenge of rock climbing, taught by instructors and following the NICAS climbing syllabus.


Fir Class have completed two of three trips to “Rock Up” at Whiteley and have made considerable gains in height climbed and confidence.

All classes will have the opportunity to ride at the Equestrian Centre at Fort Widley this term and shortly after the Easter Holidays, and for the Summer Term, I am in the process of arranging a watersports package which should see the children out on the water under sail in craft tailored to their individual needs. There may also be opportunities for raft-building, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, high ropes and archery, all under the usual high standards of care, safety and instruction.

I have arranged for Bikability to come to the School in May to train Ash and Chestnut classes in safe and confident cycling.

In school, we are introducing “The Golden Mile” which gives children the opportunity to get outdoors and active before the classroom learning begins, and there will be enhanced P.E. sessions targeting specific skills and needs.

The football pitch is being remarked for P.E. and lunchtime sessions, and Sports Day is going to make a welcome return this year.

We also remain committed to the residential course of adventurous activities at Fairthorne Manor at the end of the Summer Term for our Year 6 children.

I anticipate an even more active and healthy school of children by the time we reach the Summer Holidays!

Gareth Case.

Attainment and Activity Coordinator.